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Market on Granted Land from Korindo Becomes a Birthday Gift to West Kotawaringin

By 8 October 2021November 2nd, 2021Group News4 min read

Regent of Kobar Nurhidayah with the representatives of Kobar Regency Government inaugurated Bulin River Market, located on the land granted by KABS in West Kotawaringin, Tuesday (5/10)

WEST KOTAWARINGIN – Regent of West Kotawaringin (Kobar) Nurhidayah inaugurated a people’s market built on a land granted by PT Korindo Ariabima Sari (KABS), a business unit of Korindo Group, Tuesday (5/10). The inauguration was part of the 62nd Anniversary Celebration of Kobar Regency.

The Bulin River Market is a relocation from Korindo Market, which was located in front of the KABS company area. The 1.02 hectare (ha) market is located precisely at RT 11B Mendawai Urban Village, West Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan.

A total of six kiosks and more than 80 stalls were built by the local government in clean and neat conditions. Until Friday (24/9), all stalls have been occupied by sellers. Most of them have even started selling their goods.

Nurhidayah said that the completion of the construction of Bulin River Market is one of the best gifts in Kobar’s journey. “The Mendawai community has been dreaming for the Bulin River Market for so long considering that Korindo Market or the old market was less than adequate and it’s time to be repaired,” she explained at the inauguration ceremony.

The construction of Bulin River Market is an effort from the local government in providing a place to shop for basic needs for the community. In addition, the existence of this market is expected to boost the economic recovery of the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the potential benefits of Bulin River Market, Nurhidayah hoped that the whole community can work together to maintain its existence.

In the future, Kobar Regency Government will continue to develop the Bulin River Market. One way is by building a few additional kiosks and stalls for sellers who have not been accommodated.

In addition, the local government also plans to connect the market with the Water Front City (WFC) project. “This is all intended to build the economy in West Kotawaringin Regency,” said Nurhidayah.

Regent of Kobar Nurhidayah (center) with representatives of Kobar Regency Government at the inauguration event of Bulin River Market

The involvement of KABS in the construction of Bulin River Market began in March 2019. At that time, KABS granted a land voluntarily to the Government of Kobar. After going through the administration process, the local government immediately began the development of the people’s market, which was completed this year.

The General Manager of KABS Rahmat Effendy said that the grant of land is proof of the company’s contribution to improve the economy and ease the lives of the local community. “Those who work as sellers can easily sell their goods here. On the other hand, residents who did not know where to buy their daily needs can now come to the Bulin River Market,” he said.

One of the sellers at Bulin River Market, Solikin, expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in the development of the market. According to him, the company and the regional government have paid attention to the needs of small sellers.

Solikin hopes that the construction of Bulin River Market can continue to be developed. “If possible, I hope there will be built a meat grinder and meatball machine so the market can have more visitors,” he said.

The inauguration event of Bulin River Market was also attended by the Chairman of DPRD of Kobar Rusdi Gozali, Chairman of Commission C of DPRD Irwan Budiannur, Community Leader HM Ruslan, Community Figure of Mendawai Hamdhani, as well as a number of heads of SOPD of Kobar. (/pr)


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