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Korindo’s Health Protocol Makes Employees Safe and Comfortable at Work

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Rapid Test tool used by Korindo Group

Jakarta – The COVID-19 Prevention Health Protocol applied in all operational areas of Korindo Group is considered to have met the requirements from the government and the World Health Organization (WHO). This has also provided security and comfort for all employees in supporting their work productivity.

The management of Korindo Group confirmed that they had thoroughly prepared the COVID-19 Prevention Health Protocol, even since the pandemic just started to hit Wuhan, China late last year.

Various efforts have been made by Korindo Group regarding this pandemic, from the socialization program, implementation of the Prevention Protocol, to COVID-19 Management Protocol, which all followed the directions and instructions from the government and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Several measures of the Prevention Protocol implemented in Korindo Group work environment are body temperature checking and requirement to wash hands for all workers and guests upon entering the company work area, arrangement of work schedule to maintain physical distancing among all workers, and regular disinfectant cleaning of offices and frequently used office supplies and stationery.

Not only that, the management also provides vitamins and masks to the employees so they can maintain their energy and health.

In order to increase health protocol in the work area, a Rapid Test kits with high accuracy have also been brought straight from South Korea, with the aim to protect the employees from the pandemic so they will be able work in a calm, safe, and comfortable atmosphere.

The availability of Rapid Test kits in all Korindo operational areas has also reduced the employees’ concern of being exposed to COVID-19. From the Rapid Tests performed on suspect employees and people with direct contact, the results have shown negative. To date, there has been no Korindo employees confirmed positive for COVID-19. (*)

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