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Korindo Scholarship Targets Outstanding Students from Various Universities

By 21 May 2015September 29th, 2021Group News3 min read

Jakarta – Korindo scholarships for outstanding students in various universities is initiated by the cooperation between Korindo and University of Indonesia in 1997 that provides education funds and studying opportunities to South Korea. The program still persists and rapidly expands, so eventually it has spread to various universities now.

Since established in 1969, Korindo started its business by initiating plywood development business in Balikpapan, Kalimantan. After overcoming many challenges for more than 46 years, Korindo has successfully expanded its business in various fields and become one of the top companies countrywide.

Korindo Group covers more than 40 alliance companies in 9 business sectors participating in the natural resources, paper mills, heavy industry (capital-intensive factory), finance, media, real estate, chemical and logistics business. We have grown into a global company with more than 30,000 employees.

In accordance with their motto, Green Tomorrow, Korindo realizes its sustainable management by developing an eco-friendly industry. One of the popular topics related to the current global economy is about reforestation. Korindo Group has always been committed in forest conservation. Instead of cutting down old trees, we plant new trees and leading conservation measures. As the results, we have become the world leading company in palm oil plantation and business.

Korindo is also known as the leader in the renewable energy. We deliver constant and continuous growth, including the promotion of social infrastructure development in Indonesia through the heavy industry sector, with products ranging from wind towers to power plants.

Korindo’s business guidelines cover our commitment to transparency and honesty in working with clients. We seek to foster a mutual relationship with all of our stakeholders while fulfilling our responsibility to protect the environment and improve the development of Indonesian society in the same time.

Korindo shows its responsibility to the environment and social through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The CSR activities include tree planting, donation for the poor, stationary provision, organic village pioneering, and Ciliwung River cleaning which carried out regularly.

Korindo has signed the agreement with Budiasi Association and Indonesia National Bank (BNI) in preserving the environment by planting 5,000 trees for reforestation in Cibeureum watershed (DAS) Cisarua, Bogor. In carrying out this activity, Korindo also provides incentive funds of Rp 1 billion for the care cost, provision of livestock (goats), and vegetable seedlings.

Korindo Group also contributes in the education field. Since 1997, Korindo has cooperated with University of Indonesia in providing scholarships in the form of education funds and studying opportunities to South Korea for the best students of Korean Literature Faculty. Korindo also provides scholarships for Korean Literature Faculty’s students from IPB, UGM, and UNAS. Moreover, Korindo also provides scholarships for the children of Korindo Group’s employees.

Korindo is currently reviewing to expand their cooperation with UGM through recruitments and internships in Resource Management field for the students of the Forestry and Agricultural Faculty. (JF/Suharsono Aray)