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JAKARTA, May 20th, 2017 – As one of the national plantation and forestry companies with concern for nature preservation in Indonesia, Korindo once again held an event themed, “Korindo Cares for Biodiversity Conservation” on Saturday (20/5). The event was also used as a moment to commemorate International Day for Biological Diversity which falls every 22nd of May.

The event, which was organized by Korindo, has gained full support from Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Forestry Service of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, and East Jakarta Administration City.

Involving at least 1,200 people, the environmental event was attended by the Director General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Hilman Nugraha, the then acting Governor of Jakarta, Djarot Syaiful Hidayat, the Mayor of East Jakarta, the city police chief, the military district commander, and community leaders. In addition, a total of 922 students from SMPN 196, SMPN 230, MTsN 22, SMPN 147, SMPN 283, SMPN 9 of East Jakarta, as well as Korindo’s board of directors along with around 100 of its employees were also present in this environmental celebration.

In the event, Korindo made contribution by planting 5,000 tree seedling and releasing 100 birds and 1,000 fish seeds in Cempaka Urban Forest, Pondok Ranggon, Bambu Petung and Lapangan Tembak, East Jakarta.

Korindo’s CEO, Robert Seung said, “Environmental preservation is something that must be maintained and made aware of for everyone, regardless of their backgrounds. This nature is a precious heritage to be passed on to the future generations. And I’m certain this greening activity is one of the important steps in preserving our nature,” Robert Seung expressed.

“Until this day, Korindo has given full attention toward environmental preservation and continues playing an active role in environmental and greening activity. We strive to keep contributing in preserving environment and conserving biodiversity,” he explained.

In its previous years, Korindo has been routinely conducting a number of environmental care activities in several locations, such as Ciliwung Clean Action in Bogor area and Tree Planting Action by planting more than 226,000 trees in Bogor, Wonogiri, Central Kalimantan, Timor Island, and Papua. a number of  some of the activities care for the environment in some locations, such as the Action of the Clean Ciliwung in Bogor and the Action of Tree Planting is of 226,000 trees in Bogor, Wonogiri, Central Kalimantan, the Island of Timor and Papua.


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