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Korindo Helps Realize Economic Independence of Caring Community for Orphans and the Poor

By 6 September 2021October 11th, 2021Group News4 min read

Manager of Korindo Foundation, Setiyono (left) feeding catfish owned by Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa in East Cikarang, Bekasi, Monday (31/8)

BEKASI – Korindo Group through Korindo Foundation continues to strive to achieve economic independence for the wider community. This time, the commitment was implemented through the funding and mentoring program for Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa (Caring Community for Orphans and the Poor) in Waluya Village, East Cikarang, Bekasi.

The support for Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa was given through the Korindo Foundation Partnership Program themed Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021. In this program, Korindo Foundation provides fund for mentoring assistance of a maximum Rp 30 million for two selected organizations for two years.

Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa was selected to be one of the recipients of funding and mentoring assistance. The community, which is led by Sulastyo Aji, wants to present a business in agriculture and fish farming, where part of the proceeds will be donated to orphans and the people in need.

“So far, donation activities are highly dependent on donors. With the new business unit, it is hoped that the financial assistance activities will not depend on the existing donors,” Sulastyo explained when met during a visit by Korindo Foundation to Waluya Village, Tuesday (30/8).

In addition to providing financial assistance to the orphans and the poor, the harvest from agriculture and fish farming will also be used to improve the welfare of the surrounding community. Sulastyo hopes that the urban farming activity can help improve food security while also increase household income of the local community, especially during the period of activity restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the past one and a half year, Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa have tried to do goat farming business. To expand the scale of the business, the community decided to develop a business in agriculture and fish farming by utilizing the remaining land of the public facilities in Waluya Village, which is currently not being used.

At the moment, several facilities have been built, including the pool installation. Hundreds of catfish seeds were also spread along with the feed. This activity was carried out using the fund provided by Korindo Foundation through the Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021.

Representatives of Korindo Foundation posing together with Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa

Sulastyo expressed his deep appreciation for the funding and mentoring program from Korindo Group. “Hopefully a similar program can be held in the future, so there would be more people being helped,” he said.

Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021 is the latest program from Korindo Foundation with the aim of supporting community development, including MSMEs. This program involves communities in Jabodetabek area and is not only focused around Pancoran sub-district, as has often been done with programs from Korindo Foundation over the past four years.

In addition to Komunitas Peduli Yatim dan Dhuafa, another organization selected to receive benefits from Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021 is Kajang Mandiri Sejahtera. This community aims to assist the economy of the people in Rawarengas Village, Kosambi, Tangerang, through catfish farming. On Monday (16/8), Korindo Foundation visited the location to release 500 catfish seeds.

The Manager of Korindo Foundation, Setiyono mentioned that just like other social responsibility programs from Korindo Group, Korindo Green Sponsorship 2021 prioritizes the principle of sustainability. “This commitment is also in line with the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) value. CSC programs are not only carried out in ceremonial manner. Instead, we consider the long-term impact on society and the environment,” he described.

Prior to that, Korindo Foundation had been regularly running several partnership programs, namely hydroponic and aquaponics cultivation on the Ciliwung riverbank, in a collaboration with farmers group in Pengadegan, Jakarta. (din/pr)