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JAKARTA, OCTOBER 19th 2017 – KORINDO Group donated 10,000 sets of school supplies in the form of sewing tools to support improving the skills of elementary students in South Jakarta, Tuesday (17/10). The sewing kits, which were delivered straight from South Korea, were symbolically received by the representative of South Jakarta Education Service, and to be distributed to 30 elementary schools located in the region.

The Head of Implementation Unit of the National Education Board, South Jakarta gave a warm welcome for the aid delivery from KORINDO Group. “We express gratitude to KORINDO for the donation through its CSR Education program for schools. I hope this CSR program can continue to be held. I hope KORINDO can keep progressing and having success,” Renthi Evi expressed.

Similar things were stated by one of the government staff of South Jakarta Municipality, Ismail Sumantri, who expressed his appreciation toward KORINDO Group for the donation of sewing tools given to the students in South Jakarta. “I hope this donation can be used as well as possible so it could bring benefits in the future,” said Ismail Sumantri.

In his welcoming speech during the aid delivery, Corporate General Manager of HRD and GA of KORINDO Group, J. Andre Roberto said that the aid delivery of sewing tools is meant to support the students in creating their piece of work, so they will be able to build self-reliance and it is expected to help ease their parents and families’ work. Through these simple tools, it is also expected to help develop independent character in children, and in the future they will be able to help the family and the community.

In accordance with KORINDO’s program, the Principal of SD Negeri Pengadegan 03 Pagi, Iswanti, S.Pd. said the same thing. “This donation is very beneficial for the students who are expected to be able to develop their talents and skills, so they would be useful in the future,” said the School Principal Iswanti, S. Pd.