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Korindo Group Actively Helps Papuan Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

By 30 June 2020August 9th, 2023Group News6 min read

Korindo Group along with its business units are actively and swiftly helping the government to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Papua. The company has distributed 120,000 medical masks as well as 3,500 Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) or hazmat suits to the medical workers in Papua. Not only that, the company also actively goes in and out of the forest to provide economic stimulus and distribute food aid to the Papuan community.

Cooperation and solidarity are keys for Indonesian people to prevent and treat the patients of Covid-19 pandemic. These social tools were acknowledged by a number of parties as stated in the article on The Diplomat titled Indonesia and COVID-19: What the World is Missing. Since March 2020, various elements of community have been working together to help victims affected by the Covid-19 pandemic including providing support to the medical workers.

Korindo Group plays a role in helping the medical personnel who work on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. At the beginning of April 2020, Korindo has distributed a donation of 120,000 pieces of masks for medical workers in 3 regencies in Papua, namely Merauke, Boven Digoel, and Mappi.

The Senior Vice Chairman of Korindo Group, Robert Seung said the humanitarian action carried out by Korindo Group was a response to the report from the local Task Force which stated that Papua was one of the regions experiencing a shortage of health facilities in handling COVID-19.

“We hope this donation can help the local government in handling COVID-19,” Robert Seung mentioned in his statement.

In Robert Seung’s view, these masks are prioritized to be used by medical personnel and other officers involved in handling COVID-19 in the field. In addition to the mask donation, Korindo Group, since February 2020, has also been providing education to the communities in Papua, particularly in Boven Digoel, Merauke, and Mappi regencies in facing, the COVID-19 outbreak.” This is what we can contribute from Korindo Group to Indonesia,” he stressed.

This donation from Korindo received an appreciation from the Vice Regent of Boven Digoel, Chaerul Anwar. He expressed that these steps in humanitarian action would also inspire donations from other private entities. “Let’s work together to fight Coronavirus. Thank you Korindo Group. God bless us all,” said the Vice Regent.

Complementing the previous mask donation on last May 2020, Korindo once again distributed a donation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Papua region. The donation provided by Korindo Group this time is in the form of 3,500 Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) or hazmat suits for health workers at the Regional General Hospitals (RSUD) in Merauke, Boven Digoel, and Mappi regencies.

The PPE donation was symbolically given by the Senior Vice Chairman of Korindo Group, Robert Seung to 3 representatives of the regencies at Wisma Korindo Building, Jakarta.

“Korindo’s action is a form of concern towards others, and is an appreciation for the devotion and high dedication from the medical workers in facing this Covid-19 pandemic,” Robert Seung explained.

With assistance from the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) Papua, this donation will later be distributed directly to regional general hospitals located in the 3 regencies. “Therefore, there needs to be cooperation from the entire community to properly protect the medical workers who are strategic assets during these times,” Robert said.

“We hope this pandemic will be over soon so all activities will go back to normal. And hopefully Korindo’s contribution will be beneficial and help the fight against Covid-19,” he said.

The representative of Boven Digoel regency, who was in Jakarta, Lutfi Prabantara, appreciated the social action. He hoped all parties can continue to help each other for Papuan community in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maintaining Productivity

Not only donating PPEs, Korindo Group through PT Tunas Sawa Erma POP B (TSE B), which operates in Papua, also had the initiative to give a donation to the community, especially in Getentiri Village, to be able to remain productive and increase family income.

“This time, the donation provided by TSE-B was in the form of fish seeds, and vegetable gardening tools to be later optimized to increase the family income currently being constrained due to the outbreak of COVID-19,” said the General Manager of PT TSE-B, Sunman Kim not long ago.

The donation was given directly by PT TSE to 3 recipient groups, namely Andreas Namagi’s group, Antonius’ group, and Secilius Barue’s group.

The company’s assistance and goodwill were received by people in Getentiri with joy. The Clan Chief of Kahong II, Andreas Namagi from Getentiri Village expressed his gratitude to the company which has always been paying attention to the people in Papua, especially in improving people’s economy and welfare.

Food Aid Supply to Remote Areas

Korindo Group through its another business unit, PT Papua Agro Lestari (PAL), gradually distributes food aid in the form of 530 kg of rice and 27 boxes of instant noodles to 106 heads of families who live around the company’s operational area in Ulilin District, Merauke Regency, Papua.

This real action shown by the company is a form of concern towards the community who has been experiencing a constraint in business activities and economy due to COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s concern was well-welcomed by the community. Their gratitude to the company was delivered in person by the Clan Chief of Koula.

“Thank you to PT PAL for their concern towards the community. We feel truly helped especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like this, which caused our activities being reduced as well as our income. To us, this donation truly matters,” Richard said on Wednesday (10/6).

In this donation distribution process, the company visited people’s homes directly and even came to befak or tents in the middle of forest where people look for food and protect themselves from the COVID-19 outbreak by avoiding the crowd.

“By visiting people’s homes directly even in the middle of forest, the closeness of our hearts with the people will always be there. Hopefully, this donation will be beneficial to support people’s needs for food,” said the General Manager of PT PAL, Jujang Park.


Source: Majalah Sawit Indonesia VOL. VIII EDISI 104 | 15 JUNI – 15 JULI 2020 (see attachment)