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KORINDO Foundation Send the Universitas Indonesia’s Student to South Korea

By 26 January 2018October 11th, 2021Group News2 min read


Located at the Meeting Room of Universitas Indonesia’s Rectorate Building, the Executive Secretary of KORINDO Mr Yi Sun Hyeong symbolically awarded the scholarship charter to Zarra Nurannisa, student of the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Korean Language and Cultural Studies Program year 2014 of Universitas Indonesia. Through this scholarship, she would continue her studies at Yonsei University, South Korea, for 2 semesters with the tuition fee borne by KORINDO Group and Yonsei University.

“I am so glad and proud to receive the scholarship from KORINDO. I hope that my first experience in studying at Yonsei would be useful for the future. And I will take this opportunity to pursue my study in Korea as well as possible”, said Zarra Nurannisa, Friday (19/1).

Commenting on scholarship program by KORINDO, the Rector of Universitas Indonesia Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M.Met gave a positive response to both of the consistency and the commitment that has been showed by KORINDO in its contribution to improve the education of Indonesia.

“We notice that the history of South Korea has obtained some success that we should follow. We develop the Korean Studies Program because there are technologies we need to take in. Hence, we really encourage the cooperation with colleges or institutions in Korea to improve the quality of education in Universitas Indonesia,” said Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M.Met. He also expressed his gratitude to KORINDO for the cooperation that has been implemented for 21 years.



The Executive Secretary of KORINDO, Mr Yi Sun Hyeong, stated that the scholarship program by KORINDO is a form of support from the private party to Government of Indonesia’s program in education. He hopes that upon her return from Yonsei University, the scholarship recipient would be able to apply the knowledge properly.

For 21 years, KORINDO Foundation has awarded scholarships to 736 students from 5 State and Private Universities with total value worth Rp5,603 billion

The scholarship worth Rp1,334 billion has been provided to the students of Undergraduate and Post- Graduate Program of Univeristas Indonesia (1998- 2017)  to continue their studies in South Korea. (ray)