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Korindo Foundation Rolls Out Second Phase of Catfish Farming Assistance for Peduli Yatim Dhuafa

By 3 September 2022August 10th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: Grant handover in the second phase of Green Sponsorship program

BEKASI – For the second phase of Korindo Green Sponsorship program, Korindo Foundation handed a grant worth 7.5 million IDR to Peduli Yatim Dhuafa Community (KPYD) in Waluya Village, North Cikarang, Bekasi. The money will be used to expand the community’s catfish farm and improve harvest quantity.

Right now KPYD has 4 ponds, which were built last year. With the grant, the group will be adding 8 more to its collection, totaling up to 12 ponds. This allows the farm to hold a population of 10,000 fish, bigger than its current capacity (3,000 fish).

“Green Sponsorship is a two-phase funding program from Korindo Foundation which is aimed at community empowerment. In the first phase, we sponsored community-scale business establishments, and now we’re going for expansion. In the case of Peduli Yatim Dhuafa Community, we hope to see improvements in productivity and output, as it found success early on [in the first phase]. On behalf of the Foundation, I wish the community good luck. I hope the farm grows well and benefits the fellow people,” said Korindo Foundation’s CSC Manager, Setiyono.

Korindo Foundation’s Green Sponsorship program expands catfish piscary from 4 ponds (2021) to 12 (2022).

To save money and boost harvest at the same time, KPYD produces fish feed on its own, using a feed pellet press machine. In addition, the community utilizes black soldier flies for affordable, environmentally-friendly feed alternative.

The fishery was created during the pandemic, and used by the six-membered organization to improve the welfare of local orphans and poor people, along with their own. For each harvest, KPYD will donate half of their yield to these groups.

“Aside from promoting better welfare, our program has kindled the entrepreneurial spirit of those in weak financial positions,” said Nasim, KPYD’s chief.

Until 2022, Korindo Foundation has channeled 15 million IDR to the community, with first half of the funding being rolled out last year.

Since 2021, the Green Sponsorship program has been helping Jakarta Metropolitan Area’s many MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) and communities in developing activities. Providing support to community businesses is a duty Korindo Foundation undertakes under its pillar of economy. With this assistance, the foundation hopes to encourage financial independence by aiding beneficiaries in running sustainable enterprises.

The sponsorship is also part of Korindo Foundation’s commitment to fulfilling social responsibility, through the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program. (PR)