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Korindo Foundation Helps Meet Nutritional Needs with Supplementary Feeding

By 23 May 2023August 11th, 2023Group News2 min read

Photo: Korindo Foundation General Secretary Seo Jeongsik (in batik) passed a bag of mung bean porridge ingredients to Pancoran subdistrict head

JAKARTA – For a parent, nothing is more pleasing than seeing their child grow into a smart, healthy individual. There are tons of ways to achieve this, such as giving the right stimulants or raising the young in a conducive environment. But above all, it’s important to ensure dietary needs are met.

Nutritional issues — notably those from unhealthy eating habits — continue to sweep the mainland, despite evidence showing that nourishing food greatly helps child development and academic achievement.

Korindo Foundation recognizes the urgency of addressing these needs at and from the early stages. Since 2016, it has spared no effort in supporting toddler health improvement by launching programs like supplementary food donations to posyandus (integrated health posts) in the vicinity.

One of these donations took place last Tuesday (5/23) where the Foundation passed out bags of mung bean porridge ingredients, including aren (palm) sugar, through the Bina Posyandu program. On behalf of the clinics, Pancoran subdistrict head Alamsah came to get the gifts.

Posyandus play a vital role in raising the quality of maternal and child health. We really appreciate what the government and especially Pancoran subdistrict have been doing and their dedication to keeping nutrition balanced for toddlers through clinic activities,” said Korindo Foundation’s general secretary, Seo Jeongsik.

Supplementary food handover to four Pancoran urban villages

Generally, local parents are aware of posyandus and nutritional fulfilment and how crucial these things are for kids, Alamsah said. Yet, many remain misguided in their approach to provide healthy meals.

“In fact, they’ve [the parents] developed that awareness, but some haven’t made the change to provide food that are good for health. We can see this in families where the parents have bigger, stronger bodies but the kids are stunted.”

Alamsah thanked Korindo for the porridge kits, which he would later deliver to four urban villages of Cikoko, Pancoran, Duren Tiga, and Pengadegan. (PR)