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Korindo Carries Out Cleaning Campaign in the Ciliwung River

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Bogor ( – Korindo carries out a campaign on cleaning wastes from Ciliwung River in Bogor, West Java, Saturday (18/10/2014).

The campaign was led by J. Andre Roberto, the Head of HR Development Division and the Head of Learning & Innovation Center Korindo. It was attended by Mr. Woo Tae Kyu, the Director of General Affair of Korindo, and 150 employees of Korindo Group.

According to Andre Roberto, this activity is conducted as Korindo’s contribution to society. This is a routine activity held at least twice in a year. Moreover, this can improve the health of the people.

“This campaign is in accordance with the philosophy of Korindo that is to grow with the communities. We have to grow together with communities, so they can feel the benefits from this campaign,” he said.

Therefore, the company collaborates with the related government institutions, such as local government (Bogor) and landscaping department.

Mr. Woo Tae Kyu states that Korindo’s contribution to environmental preservation, such as cleaning rivers, has been implemented since 1969. He thinks that sanitation is considerably related to health. So, if you want to keep healthy, you need to put consideration to sanitation.

Mr. Woo adds that if Indonesia wants to be a developed country, it should be aware to the environment. But, he acknowledges that Indonesians are more aware and considerate to hygienic environment compared to the 80s.

Andre adds that Korindo tries to turn wastes into beneficial things for people. “The wastes need to be recycled into something useful,” he said. Therefore, they keep promoting the waste bank. “We should recycle the waste to be more valuable,” he added.

In addition to the CSR activities, Korindo also contributes in education, such as early childhood education and scholarship programs. Moreover, they provide medical equipments and health centers in health sector, as well as build worship places in infrastructure sector.

“In economy, Korindo tries to increase the local revenue,” he explained.

For the CSR programs, Andre states that Korindo has prepared around 30 officers for its community development. Their duty is to identify the people’s needs. “This campaign is in accordance with the philosophy of Korindo that is to grow with the communities.” (Wan)


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