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Kobar Regent Signs MoU with PT Korindo Ariabima Sari to Tackle Oxygen Shortage

By 6 August 2021No Comments

Regent of West Kotawaringin, Nurhidayah posing together with the Director of PT Korindo and Forkopimda of Kobar following the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) at the regency hall, Tuesday (3/8/2021)/InfoPBUN/foto: Lukman Hakim

InfoPBUN, KOTAWARINGIN BARAT – In order to resolve oxygen shortage in West Kotawaringin (Kobar), the Kobar Regency Government has joined forces with a plywood company, PT Korindo Ariabima Sari.

The cooperation was written in the form of memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the Regent of West Kotawaringin, Nurhidayah and the Director of PT Korindo Ariabima Sari, Lim Young Taek, at the regency hall, Tuesday afternoon (3/8/2021).

Regent Nurhidayah said that the oxygen produced by the company is prioritized for residents of Kobar. However, should there are other regencies that are in need, Kobar Regency Government holds the authority to manage its allocation.

“The management wants to cooperate only with the Kobar Regency Government. We have had early discussions that it will be prioritized for the needs of people in Kobar, but for the sake of humanity, we also provide it to other regencies,” Regent Nurhidayah revealed.

Nurhidayah continued by saying that prior to making the decision to use oxygen that is produced by the company, her team alongside the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government conducted a feasibility test on the oxygen produced.

“The Office of Manpower and Transmigration of Central Kalimantan came to the location to conduct a test and when the results stated that it was feasible, we started the production,” the regent added.

She explained that during the six days of its production process, her team had started distributing the oxygen to several neighboring regencies, which are in dire need of supplies.

“We distributed it to Palangka Raya, Seruyan, Kotim, Sukamara, and Lamandau. Our production capacity is only 60 to 70 tubes per day,” the regent disclosed.

Therefore, the regent expressed her appreciation to the company for its willingness to help tackle the oxygen shortage in order to overcome Covid-19 in Kobar.

“I would like to thank and send my appreciation to the management of PT Korindo Ariabima Sari for giving its assistance in oxygen production,” the regent said.

Meanwhile, the Director of Korindo Ariabima Sari, Lim Young Taek through the General Manager, Rahmad Effendi said that the cooperation was a form of the company’s commitment in order to help the fight against the pandemic.

“This is our commitment in helping the local government with regard to Covid-19, in particular with oxygen shortage. We will be following this MoU for the next three months, hopefully the oxygen shortage can soon be resolved,” Rahmad Effendi declared.