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Kindling Passion for Math through Quiz Bowl

By 6 June 2024Group News3 min read

Contestants are looking energized by the end of the Korindo Group-hosted competition

JAKARTA – Math is more than just numbers and formulas. It is a global language and gateway to a deeper understanding of our world. But some students may find this subject dreadful. While changing this belief and nurturing passion need work, quiz bowls may be helpful.

Quiz bowls do not only promote healthy competition, but reinforce mathematical concepts and critical thinking skills. In Pancoran Subdistrict, such an event was made possible by Korindo Foundation, part of Korindo Group that’s concerned with education and community development.

This contest took place at 182 Jakarta Public Junior High and involved nearby public schools like 154 and 155. Each school sent one team of three students.

Engaging children from multiple schools, the event became a platform for knowledge exchange, collaborative learning, and academic recognition. Its goal was not merely about winning prizes, but about broadening one’s knowledge and enriching the learning experience.

On D-Day, excitement filled the room where the teams were set to compete. Contestants stood ready to test their knowledge and skills in math challenges held to provide valuable experience, expand the knowledge base, and strengthen skills needed for facing the education journey and next stage of life.

“We would like to thank Korindo Group for hosting the quiz bowl. It is an initiative I highly value and think requires development so that students know math better,” said 182 Jakarta Public Junior High principal Satimin.

Teams strive to give their best effort in the competition

Winners were then announced and awarded at the end of the contest. While some ended up having higher scores than others, everyone was a true winner in that they demonstrated dedication, hard work, and an exceptional drive to learn. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a victory for these kids and society.

“Thank you Korindo Group, this contest made me like math. My team and I studied intensively for two weeks and thankfully, we reached first place, thank you again,” said Alexander from the 182 Jakarta team.

Through events like this, Korindo assumes the role of an agent of education transformation, and partner in building a better future for younger generations. With a focus on increasing passion for math, it helps open doors to new avenues and tap into student potential across Pancoran and Indonesia. For learners, having this passion will allow them to enhance life and set a strong foundation for progress and innovation.

Korindo Group prioritizes a commitment to educating the nation through Corporate Social Contribution (CSC). We create programs that center on national life and enlighten the next generations. (PR)