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Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) Confidents that Palm Oil Act Could Hinder Black Campaign and Provide Protection

By 16 February 2017October 11th, 2021Industry News2 min read


Tribun Medan/ Ryan Juskal
The secretary of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) of North Sumatra, Timbas Ginting during the interview on the 2nd floor of the pharmacy building of USU, Medan, on Thursday (25/2/2016).

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM, MEDAN – Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) declares their support related to the ratification plan of the Draft Law of Palm Oil into the Act.

The secretary of GAPKI of North Sumatra, Timbas Ginting said that they hope the draft bill could bring enlightenment for the enterpreneurs of palm oil industry.

He added that some things that become the concern of the enterpreneurs, especially problems related to the black campaign against the Indonesian palm oil which is promoted in Europe.

“We hope that this draft law, which will become the act, could remove the black campaign against Indonesian palm oil. It should be proven,” he said on Monday (30/1/2017).

He hoped that the government actively participated in eliminating the black campaign issues which had been swept the Indonesian palm oil.

“The government should not be passive. They must be actively fight or take action against the black campaign,” he said.

Not only for fighting the black campaign, it is expected that the Draft Law of Palm Oil could serve as a protection for the palm oil industry.



Timbas states that currently 42% of the total palm oil plantations are belong to the people. Nowadays, people build on their own and with very little help from the government.

“Many people cannot get credit due to their status in the forest area. Therefore, they could not get ISPO. Whereas the government wants the people to have higher percentage that them,” he explained.

Timbas said that the government should be more more concerned about the people’s fields, palm oil farmers. The black campaign even claims that palm oil can damage forests.

“Palm oil does not destroy forests. This is the black campaign pressure from the outside. It should be better protected.” he said.