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Green Tomorrow Vol.2 Edition 4 2018

By 5 December 2018October 21st, 2021Publication4 min read

Editorial Message

Greetings from Green Tomorrow,

We have now entered the second half of 2018. Problem after problem has been solved together. However, other challenges are still ahead. But rest assured, with a high commitment, unified hearts and along with hard work, we will be able to overcome every obstacle to reach success that we long for together.

Entering the 4th edition in its second year, the Green Tomorrow Bulletin is back to share information, knowledge, and particularly to share a spirit of working among the big family of KORINDO Group wherever you are. With 56 pages, this edition discusses many events by Corporate Social Contribution (CSC or commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility) held in these past 4 months. These CSC events in various regions, from Central Java to Papua are discussed in interesting manner in this bulletin.

This has given more proof that despite of being attacked with various negative allegations by irresponsible parties, KORINDO Group still gives efforts in bringing benefits to the wider community.

For the main overview, a CSC action in the form of Ciliwung Clean-Up Action held by KORINDO Group is covered in this edition. Through this clean-up action, KORINDO did not only give a real action but also a deep and inspiring message to the wider community so we can always protect the environment together.

Dear readers, we hope this edition can enrich your information regarding our company. Suggestions and criticisms are welcome so this medium of information can be better in the future.

KORINDO Cares for Environment

Jakarta – KORINDO Group once again showed its concern towards environmental sustainability. This time, the environmental program initiated is “Ciliwung Clean-Up Action” held last Saturday (4/8). Inviting various parties, hundreds of KORINDO foreign and local employees did not hesitate in getting wet and dirty to pick up garbages scattered in Ciliwung River.

Since morning, the participants in the clean-up action have gathered in Sempur Administrative Village area, Central Bogor Subdistrict, Bogor City. The upstream area of Ciliwung River became the main location in the clean-up action, particularly area starting from Sempur Bridge to Lebak Kantin Suspension Bridge. This Ciliwung Clean-Up Action was also held to commemorate the National River Day that falls on July 27th.

Ciliwung River is known as one of the important rivers in Bogor area, which also irrigates Depok region and even the capital city, Jakarta. However the water quality in Ciliwung River is quite concerning because it is polluted with wastes so it became the cause of flood problem in the cities. Seeing this condition, KORINDO Group took initiative to contribute in maintaining the hygeine of one of the rivers with important role for the capital citizens.

In conducting Ciliwung Clean-Up Action, KORINDO Group also cooperated with Environment Agency of Bogor City, Members of Subdistrict Authorities (Muspika), Ciliwung Community, and the local residents. It is recorded that at least 250 people participated in the event and managed to collect 500 bags filled with plastic wastes, Styrofoam, fabrics, and other organic wastes.

The Ciliwung Clean-Up Action is not the first event held by KORINDO Group. KORINDO has been holding the clean-up action since 2014
and it has been conducted for four times. KORINDO is also commited to hold routine activities to create the clean and healthy environment for people. the river and the water source for our lives and the future generations,” said Mr. Park In Chul. (cka/ymr) Andre Roberto as the representative from KORINDO Group Management, hoped that this small step from KORINDO Group could give inspiration in realizing clean river and improving the water quality in Indonesia.

This action is also hoped to be able to bring awareness for the people living around the river to keep maintaining environmental sustainability and refrain from throwing garbage carelessly.

KORINDO also contribute in fostering the spirit in others in various societies so they could continue similar activity for the sake of sustainability of clean and healthy environment. “May this small activity encourage all parties, especially young generations to continue the sustainability of