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Green Tomorrow Vol.2 Edition 3 2018

By 3 April 2018October 21st, 2021Publication5 min read

Editorial Message

Greetings from Green Tomorrow,

Entering the year 2018, on behalf of Green Tomorrow Editorial Desk, allow us to wish you a Happy New Year 2018 to everyone in KORINDO Group’s big family.

The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to strengthen our commitment to continue the programs and activities after our successful achievements in the previous year. The past 2017 has given us an important meaning in line with the company’s development that we continue doing.

With this edition’s main stories, we are delivering a message from KORINDO Group’s top management that as we enter the new year, we must unite and keep working harder together so we can close 2018 as a year full of blessings for us all.

Several strategic steps will also be taken such as restructuring to guarantee a foundation for the company’s stability and income, new business development needed for the group’s long term business, and KORINDO’s commitment which is to continue people empowerment activities in order to grow with the community.

Therefore, the light of 2018 will keep on shining with blessings for KORINDO Group.

Dear readers, the Green Tomorrow bulletin has been made into a 3rd edition of 2nd volume. We hope the information provided here can strengthen the foundation of harmonious and constructive communication for KORINDO Group’s big family.

We are very open to criticism and suggestions for the improvement of this bulletin. You can also send your writings and reports about the company’s activities to our e-mail: We hope you enjoy what we have presented.
Green Tomorrow Editorial Desk

The Light of New Year is Shining

Jakarta—Routine activity at the beginning of new year becomes a moment to gather with KORINDO Group’s big family. The 2018 opening event was attended by the Chairman of KORINDO Group, Mr. Eun Ho Seung, Senior Vice Chairman Mr. Robert Seung, the board of directors, and all of the employees and was held on last Tuesday (2/1) in Wisma Korindo, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

The event was themed “New Spirit in 2018”. The new year opening event was filled with a welcoming speech from Senior Vice Chairman Mr. Robert Seung, the granting of awards to outstanding employees, joint prayer, and informal gathering.

“The light of new year is shining. I wish you a happy new year. May this new year bring many blessings for all of us,” said Mr. Robert while opening the event.

In this speech at the start of 2018, the Senior Vice Chairman delivered motivational words to all of the employees of KORINDO Group to plan for the new year. He gave reminders that although a number of matters from last year must still be sorted out, the whole KORINDO Group’s big family must unite their hearts to gain the best reward. “We must synergize the network of internal human resources, so we would be able to maximize the capacity of the existing capabilities,” he said.

Mr. Robert stated a hope held by all parties. The hope that 2018 would be better than last year is a hope from all of us. The market condition in 2018 is predicted to be better. On the other hand, the restructuring should run simultaneously with the invesments for the company’s future. If possible, business in alternative energy field will be strengthened in 2018 so KORINDO could contribute to meet electricity needs in Indonesia, in addition to taking a role in environment preservation.

The development of this new business is truly necessary for KORINDO Group’s long term business in the future. And the business is in line with the market needs in Indonesia. However, there certainly needs to be big investments as well as support and participation from all of the family members of KORINDO Group to save cost in various things.

On this occasion in the beginning of the year, Mr. Robert Beomsoo Seung also predicted the company’s global business. Various KORINDO’s business fields will be pushed as much as possible to keep being developed. In logistic field, for example, the company will increase the load volume through additional investments. This year, the company plans to build its second logistics base in Surabaya. Moreover, one of KORINDO’s business units will start to produce hygienic tissue this year and prepare paper manufacturing indsutry in the near future. “Through this innovation, we hope KORINDO Paper Division’s business will shine once more,” said the Senior Vice Chairman.

At the end of the event, Mr. Robert Beomsoo Seung took time to give awards directly to 2 best employees during the period of 2017. The appreciation was given due to the dedication and discipline towards the company in carrying out their tasks as employees in 2017. (read article “Awards for the Best Employees-desk). (ray/cka/ymr)