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GMM Celebrates World Earth Day

By 25 April 2019No Comments

Halmahera – The World Earth Day was celebrated by all kinds of people in a number of places, including by PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (GMM), one of KORINDO Group’s business units that operates in Gane Dalam Village, South Halmahera, North Maluku on last Sunday (21/4).

“In celebrating the World Earth Day in the eastern part of Indonesia, we are holding a Go Green event titled Awareness Towards the Environment (Kepedulian Lingkungan) through Environmental and Coastal Area Clean-Up,”said Akmal, HRD Manager of PT GMM.

In the event, GMM involved all kinds of people including employees of PT GMM, village chief, village supervisory officers (Babinsa), and the people living in Gane Dalam Village.

“This CSC/CSR activity, which is held in a joint manner, is hoped to be able to contribute in creating a better environment, with cleanliness being maintained in the settlements in coastal area in order to build a sense of comfort and a healthy environment,”said Mahdi M. Nur, the Coordinator of Community Relations and CSC of PT GMM.

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