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Getentiri is Now Equal on the Lap of Indonesian Archipelago

By 9 July 2018October 13th, 2021Group News3 min read

By: Father Felix Amias MSC

After graduated from elementary school in 1979, I was sent by my parents to continue my education in Bade (1979-1982) because there was no junior high school in Getentiri. In the middle of 1979-1980, there was a ship of a company crossing the river. Back then, I did not understand as I was only a freshman in junior high school. But know I quite understand that the company has investigated for a possible business since the end of 1979, especially in plywood business.  So I was not even surprised when KORINDO Group came here and started their business activities in 1993 in Asiki and its surrounding area up to now.


Changes in the Community (1993-2017)

It is purposely told about my experience when I was in elementary school around this area, that everything was so difficult: transportation, communication, economy, education, health, and social relations. However, what is the community experiencing now?

For now, people do not have to paddle their boats as there are many water vehicles. People do not have to wait for rice or other food material (BAMA) delivery for months from Merauke City. The children do not have to end up like I was, who needed to paddle the boat for two nights to reach Bade, only to look for junior high school, as there are schools here, starting from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, to senior high school, even picked up by school buses.

The health service in here is considered the best as there are free health services and a representative hospital is being built. Everyone can build relation, mingle, and communicate with other tribes, people from other areas and other religions.

I have to be bold to say this, because I am from here and had been through difficulties. That all of changing circumstances was first due to the presence of KORINDO Group.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

It is well-known that if there is an investment in an area, therefore the related company is bound to the obligation to be socially responsible. I have seen the KORINDO Group’s documents and it turned out there are a lot of things that have been done:

The company has attempted to fulfill their obligation in education. As I said earlier, that the schools around the company area are among the best as many schools in other villages are not doing that well. In addition, for now, a hospital that much more representative is being built and the medical services in that hospital is free.  The subsidiary of KORINDO Group has also built an area for plasma plantation for the community.


*Pastor Felix Amias MSC is a native of Boven Digoel, Papua and currently lives in Papua.