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Gane Community Benefited from PT GMM’s Presence

By 5 September 2019October 22nd, 2021Group News4 min read

Perwakilan PT GMM melakukan betonisasi jalan untuk menghubungkan akses antar desa di kabupaten Halmahera Selatan


South Halmahera (ANTARA) – The community in Gane Village, South Halmahera, North Maluku has felt the benefits from the presence of one of oil palm business unit owned by Korindo Group, PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (GMM), operating in the region.

The Village Secretary of Gane Dalam, Jamal Kun, when contacted by ANTARA from Ternate, Wednesday, said that the impact of PT GMM’s presence is very much felt by the community, among others, in the form of various empowerments through the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

The empowerment assistance include the establishment of a cooperative managed by the local community, the building of connecting roads in eight surrounding villages, and the development of the creative economy.

“In addition, the presence of PT GMM has also opened employment opportunities for people, so the unemployment rate has now reduced,” he said.

Previously, the community living around the company’s operational area could only afford to send their children to a high school level education, at most. However, with PT GMM’s presence, they can now afford to pay for their children’s education up to college. This is because the people have gained a steady income by working in the company.

“Therefore, I hope the company will create more CSR activities for empowerment, so the income rate and the economy of the surrounding community can be improved,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Planning of PT GMM, Yahya said that the company has a responsibility to help develop the potential of people living in surrounding areas by opening road access from one village to another.

“The road access has been opened for approximately 30km and people living in areas starting from Gane Dalam Village, Yomen Joronga is now able to connect to areas up to Saketa, the capital city of West Gane Subdistrict. This is the company’s effort so that villages that were previously isolated are now open,” Yahya said.

Similarly, the cooperative built and formed by PT GMM is now managed and the impact can be seen from the economic improvement in order to create a self-sufficient community.

He acknowledged that at the moment, the company is seeking to develop the community’s economy by providing seven dump trucks to be used as transportation tools to support various needs of the local community.

On the other hand, to anticipate the protests from various parties, the company is currently planning to obtain IFO certification for the environment.

Meanwhile, the CSR Manager of PT GMM, Mahdi stated that the company is seeking to provide welfare for the people through a conducive investment environment.

In fact, PT GMM has held various social activities such as the building of worship places like mosques and churches as well as the development of the well-placed community infastructure.

“We continue to do actions for the community and currently, we have a plan to expand the settlements for the surrounding community, repair the roads, and supply clean water so people can enjoy the benefits,” Mahdi expressed.

Previously, eight villages around PT GMM’s operational area were isolated areas and were very difficult to reach, especially by ship. But today, PT GMM has opened road access, so people can use two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles from the capital city of Saketa, West Gane to the area of East Gane.


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