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Five Strong ‘Kartini’s Receive Assistance from Korindo MSME Coaching Program

By 21 April 2022August 7th, 2023Group News4 min read

Photo: Korindo Foundation Manager, Setiyono (right) handed over assistance from Korindo MSME Coaching Program at Duren Tiga Urban Village hall

Jakarta, 21 April 2022 Coinciding with Kartini’s Day, which falls on Thursday (21/4), the Korindo Foundation handed over assistance to five female MSME practitioners in Duren Tiga Village, South Jakarta. The assistance that was channeled through the Korindo Bina UMKM Program aims to help MSME actors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recipients of the Korindo Bina UMKM Program assistance came from various types of culinary businesses, such as fruit juice traders, Betawi culinary delights, pastries, and so on. Each of the recipients of this assistance was given a fund of IDR 1,500,000 to be able to get up and run their business again. After handing over the aid, the Korindo Foundation will also monitor the development of its business for the next six months.

According to the Head of the Duren Tiga Village PKK, Meuthia Rachmi, the recipients of assistance from the Korindo Foundation came from a variety of different backgrounds. Even some of them have lost their life partner, so they are forced to become the backbone of the family.

“They think about what will happen to my children in the future. Gentlemen are common, and we find many, but if you are a mother, she is a mother as well as a father. So I said that it is very fitting on this very historic date, April 21, to receive assistance, which, in my opinion, is extraordinary,” he said.

For Meuthia, this fact further emphasizes that women are not weak creatures. Like Kartini, women can strive forward and be strong in their own way. Therefore, as the Chairperson of the PKK, she helped raise the standard of living for women by providing guidance and direction through the PKK program, such as using Toga plants or making nutritious food for the family.

One of the recipients of the assistance from the Korindo Bina UMKM Program, Suprihatingsih, was unable to contain her tears when she received the assistance. For this woman, who opened a rice stall business, this assistance was very meaningful, especially during a difficult economic time due to the pandemic. “I am very grateful. With this assistance, we can help with difficulties and increase our capital,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Manager of the Korindo Foundation, Setiyono, congratulated the selected recipients of the Korindo Bina UMKM Program assistance and expressed his hope that the assistance would bring benefits to the recipients in running their businesses.

“I also want to wish you a happy Kartini Day 2022. I really appreciate mothers and women, in this case the MSME business actors who were selected for their productivity and enthusiasm in contributing to the family economy,” said Setiyono.

Duren Tiga Village Head, Moh. Mursid, also expressed his hope that the various assistance that has been given can make Korindo more advanced.

“With this assistance, hopefully the economy can be lifted again, and, alhamdulillah, we have selected the five business actors who are competent. The effort looks like it has been in the works for years. Hopefully, Korindo’s assistance can be put to good use,” said Mursid.

Mursid said that the Korindo Foundation has often helped his area. Previously, Korindo had distributed assistance by providing PMT (supplementary feeding) to improve children’s nutrition. Then Korindo also assisted in the development of Toga plants in RT 1, 2, and 9, Duren Tiga Village. Planting this toga is an effort to make the area a herbal village. Now, up to the provincial level, they know where Korindo Herbal Village is. (pr)



Joint photo with the recipients of MSME assistance

Assistance recipient, Suprihatiningsih, could not hold back her tears

Recipients of MSME assistance in Duren Tiga Urban Village