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Fight the Black Campaign against the Indonesian Palm Oil, Darmin: We are not a Loser

By 2 February 2017September 29th, 2021Industry News, Uncategorized2 min read

Hendra Kusuma – detikFinance

Jakarta – The Indonesian palm oil productivity is sizeable. Its export value is increasing every year. The escalation productivity of Indonesian palm oil is hardly accepted by the world. It alarms some countries, so they attack through a black campaign.

It was stated by the Minister of Economy, Darmin Nasution, during National Meeting of Indonesian Palm Oil at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday (2/2/2017).

Darmin revealed that the government was preparing a legal framework for palm oil products from Indonesia so it would no longer be attacked by black campaign. The legal framework will manage sustainable palm oil, and palm oil entrepreneurs from upstream to downstream.

“We should strengthen the standard and give no more reason for the global circle to corner us. We do not want to be a loser. We should stand up against them. Therefore, we should establish the standards of the improvement in palm oil and other plantations well,” said Darmin.

He added that the rules will be included in the Presidential Decree. The former Directorate General of Taxes did not want to reveal the exact date of the publication. “I am not talking about how to solve it, but we will start soon after the Presidential Decree,” he added.

By doing so, Darmin is sure that Indonesia will be the producer of palm oil with a firm standard in the next 1-2 years.

Currently, France is still strongly against palm oil products. They even apply progressive tax for the incoming Indonesian palm oil products. “I can say that we will be a producer of palm oil with a firm standard in the next 1-2 years,” he said. (mkj/mkj)