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Aspex Kumbong’s “Aspex Berbagi” Program Rolls Out 2,210 Food Packs

By 13 April 2023August 11th, 2023Group News3 min read

Photo: Handing over the packages to nearby communities on Thursday (4/13)

CILEUNGSI – This Ramadan, Korindo Group’s subsidiary PT Aspex Kumbong was back on its annual agenda to distribute staple food packs to nearby settlements. This donation was given in an offline symbolic ceremony by General Manager Jung Chanho on Thursday (4/13).

The packs were delivered to three sites: Cileungsi Subdistrict’s Dayeuh Village, Gunung Putri Subdistrict’s Parung Dengdek (Sub)village, and Cileungsi Subdistrict’s Bojong Kaso (Sub)village.

The company prepared 2,210 packages in total. 1,283 were handed over to Dayeuh villagers, 210 to Bojong Kaso, 788 to Parung Dengdek, and 139 to pesantrens (Islamic boarding schools) and local government agencies. Each pack contained basic foodstuffs like 5 kg of rice, 1 kg of granulated sugar, and 2 liters of cooking oil, and was sent over three days (13-15 April 2023).

“This is not our first time [giving staple food donations]. We do this every year before Eid. But this time, we added one more item to our pack [of rice and cooking oil] so our beneficiaries can have a complete set of rice, cooking oil, and sugar,” CSC coordinator Nunung Nurzanah explained.

This “Aspex Berbagi” (Aspex Shares with the People) program can’t be separated from the company’s commitment to care for the surrounding communities. Driven by the spirit of sharing, PT Aspex wanted to appreciate the people who “keep the investment climate positive.”

Beneficiaries formed an orderly queue for PT Aspex’s basic food packs

“On behalf of Bojong Kaso locals, I would like to give thousands of thanks to the company for what it did, the help was so valuable. Wishing PT Aspex all the best,” said a beneficiary, Indra.

Each pack was personally handed out to the beneficiaries. In doing this, the company followed a list of names obtained through coordination efforts with the respective village and (sub)village governments and RT chiefs. (RT, or ‘neighborhood association’, is the lowest administrative division in Indonesia that contains only a few households.)

As a company established and located within the local community, it is PT Aspex Kumbong’s duty to run Corporate Social Contribution programs like this for society and the environment. The distribution proceeded smoothly and orderly throughout the three-day period. (Nunung/AK)