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Archdiocese of Merauke Gives Appreciation to Korindo Group

By 14 January 2021August 9th, 2023Group News2 min read

The Archbishop of Merauke Diocese Mgr Petrus C Mandagi MSC received a visit from the management of palm oil company TSE Korindo Group. (ANTARA News Papua / HO-Korindo Group)

PAPUA – The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Merauke (KAMe), Mgr Petrus C. Mandagi, MSC expressed his appreciation and gratitude to PT Tunas Sawa Erma (TSE), a business unit of Korindo Group. This was revealed at the Building of Archdiocese of Merauke last Tuesday (5/1) after receiving a visit from the Management of PT TSE in his office.

During his visit, the Director of PT TSE, Mr. Kim Young Soo along with the board expressed a support for the improvement of the quality of education and welfare in the community, especially those in South Papua.

As a real form in building the quality of education, PT TSE, a company specialized in oil palm plantation in Papua, provided assistance fund in the form of fund worth Rp800,000,000,- to KAMe for the construction of the Middle Seminary of Pastor Bonus Merauke. This assistance fund will be given in stages over 3 years with a total amount of Rp2.4 billion.

In addition to the construction assistance fund, PT TSE will also provide daily living expenses or dormitory operational costs for the seminary children who are studying at the “Pastor Bonus” Seminary worth Rp20,000,000 (twenty million rupiah) every month for 3 years.

“Thank you for the company that has helped the community in South Papua with the fund distributed to the Diocese, this assistance fund will be used for the education of priestly candidates who will then serve in the community,” said the Archbishop, Mgr Petrus C. Mandagi, MSC.

This contribution was provided through the Corporate Social Contribution (CSC) program of PT TSE as a form of the company’s concern toward the welfare and education of the Papuan people.

“Seeing the current condition, what is needed the most is education. So we focused on providing assistance in seminaries, which will foster and produce highly-qualified priestley candidates in the future,” General Manager of PT TSE, Jimmy Senduk explained. (*)


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