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Korindo Group in Asiki, Boven Digoel provided free medical services for the people of Aiwat village, Subur last Monday (10/03/2017) through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The CSR program is carried out routinely every month by the company for the people around the company’s area in Asiki, Boven Digoel.

The CSR Coordinator of Korindo Group Asiki, Satuman, explained that the free medical services and the cleaning action in school environment conducted by Korindo were greatly appreciated by the local community considering the health care and education are needed there.

He also added that Korindo Group Asiki committed to keep improving their services for the community, so the people could gain a better understanding about the company.

“We have committed to improve our services, so the people will no longer regard the company negatively. Thus, the CSR program serves as a form of company’s concern to the community around the company’s area,” he said.

There were 190 people in Aiwat received the free medical services provided by Korindo Group through the CSR program.

Moreover, he said that the company will carry out another social program related to the public welfare in the future, so the communities around the company’s area have decent lives. YS

by Yoris Goden